It is compulsory to wear the complete school uniform between home and school and when attending all school functions and practices. This rule applies whether boys are participants or spectators unless instructions are issued to the contrary.

If any part of the school uniform is being worn at any time, the appropriate uniform is to be complete and correctly worn. When in uniform boys are subject to school discipline.

No jewellery except a watch may be worn with any uniform without the prior approval of the Principal.

Day Uniform
Shorts: mid-grey, fitted with belt loops
Shirt: mid-grey, long sleeves, with school logo
Jersey: black Rongotai College pattern, with school logo
Socks: Rongotai College pattern
Shoes: black, lace-up in plain leather (polishable).  During hot weather boys may wear Roman sandals without socks. ‘Skatey’-type or sports shoes are NOT allowed.
Belt: black
Jacket: Rongotai College black school jacket or puffer jacket or plain black jacket with no patterns. Alternative windbreakers, sports jackets, blazers and other forms of top (including hoodies with the school emblem) may NOT be worn.

Optional Items:
Blazer: Rongotai College blazer
Caps, Hats & Beanies: Rongotai College official school cap, bucket hat or beanie ONLY (not to be worn inside buildings)
Scarf: Rongotai College school scarf

Dress Uniform
All pupils may wear dress uniform as ordinary day wear.
Shoes: black, lace-up in plain leather (polishable)
Socks: plain coloured in dark tones.
Trousers: mid-grey trousers long without pattern
Shirt: plain white business style.
Tie: Rongotai College official tie.
Students may wear plain black le faitaga in place of grey trousers as part of the dress uniform.

Physical Education Uniform must be worn by all Year 9, 10 and 11 students in Health & PE
Shoes:  non-marking sports shoes
Shorts: Rongotai College blue shorts (from College Shop)
Top: Rongotai College sports top (from College Shop)

Boys representing the college in team games must wear approved clothing for the sport or activity concerned.

College Shop Hours
The College Shop is open at the college from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm during term time.