Victoria University Scholarships


History and Purpose
The Ballinger Rongotai Scholarships were established by Mr T J A Ballinger, through the Ballinger Scholarship Trust, to encourage students from Rongotai College to come to Victoria University to study science, mathematics and engineering. This reflects Mr Ballinger’s very strong interest in encouraging and supporting able and committed students from Rongotai College, his old school, into these subjects. The Scholarships are funded through an endowment from Ballinger Scholarship Trust to the Victoria University Foundation.

The 1st year Scholarship will be open to students from Rongotai College, enrolled to study, majoring in science, mathematics or engineering at Victoria University of Wellington.

  • The 1st year Scholarship will be awarded primarily on the basis of academic merit although factors such as character, leadership, community involvement and financial circumstances may also be taken into account.
  • Each 1st year student should receive a Scholarship for up to 4 years or longer at the discretion of the selection panel, providing at least an average B+ grade (approximately a 7 grade point average) is maintained.

Number of Awards Offered
One scholarship is available annually.

Total Value
Up to $4,500 subject to funds available. The value of the Scholarship may differ from year to year and may also differ as between students in any one year. The Scholarships may also include an appropriate allowance for living and incidental expenses.

Tenure of Award
The intention is that in any one year a first year, a second year, a third year and a fourth year student at Victoria University will hold a Ballinger Rongotai Scholarship.

Closing Date of Applications
31 October

How do Students Apply?
Closing date for applications is 31 October.

Applicants must complete the application form and attach a one page personal statement outlining why they wish to study science / mathematics / engineering at Victoria University, their future career plans and a one page referee’s statement.

Decision Makers
A shortlist of eligible applicants will be drawn up by the Principal of Rongotai College or his / her nominee on the basis of their academic transcript and the quality of their one page personal statement.

The successful candidate will be chosen by the selection panel consisting of a representative of the Ballinger family, the Principal of Rongotai College and a nominee of the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University. The selection will be made by mid-0December when grades achieve d in internal standards are known.

What Conditions are Attached to Acceptance of this Award?
Recipients will be required to write thank you letters on receiving the Scholarship and provide an end of year progress report for each year that the Scholarship is held, which will be forwarded to a representative of the Ballinger family by the Victoria University Foundation.

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Application Form

Ballinger Victoria Scholarship Application Form – click here to download and view