International Student Programmes

Rongotai College caters for students who wish to study across a range of programmes
  1. The academic programme, which leads towards University entrance. This programme usually takes two to three years, and prepares students for entry to university in New Zealand or other English speaking countries. Students who start in Year 10 and stay for four years are even more likely to be academically successful.

        Our full academic curriculum can be viewed here:  Academic Curriculum

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  1. Cultural Exchange orGap’ programme, for students who wish to stay for six months to one year. Students in this programme come to improve their use of English language skills, gain confidence speaking English, and to experience living in an English-speaking country.
  1. Short-Term and group programme, of one to 30 students, for periods of from one to three to five weeks. Rongotai College can accept boys and works in conjunction with Wellington East Girls’ College, St. Catherine’s College, Evans Bay Intermediate School and Lyall Bay Primary School if groups are of mixed ages and genders.
  1. Academy programmes, which help international students develop their special interests. Currently, the school offers:

For more information, please contact Virginia Wilson, Rongotai College International Manager: [email protected]