Rongotai College offers a range of clubs for boys to join

Chinese Club

Chinese Club provides for students who are interested in learning more about Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

Learning a language is not only about the foreign vocabulary, it is also an immersion into a new and richly diverse culture. There are a range of culturally interactive activities for instance, Chinese Calligraphy workshops, Lion Dancing, paper cutting, celebration of Chinese festivals, current popular TV shows, historical films, dancing, singing, as well as assisting with translation etc. Everyone is welcome!  (insert photo: Chines Club)

Chinese Club meets: Every second Tuesday in B43, with our Mandarin Language Assistant

Enviro Club

The Enviro Club is where you can get to know like-minded and creative students who care for our environment and join together to create change in our community, and to create a more sustainable future.  The Club leads the push for our school to recycle, to consider more eco-friendly options, to plant native trees on-site AND to have fun learning about ecology at Rongotai’s urban gardens (for instance,  gardening, dealing with food waste and composting). 

Interact Club

Interact Club is the community service group of Rongotai College. It is open to all students who wish to meet new people and volunteer for the benefit of the community! Over recent years, this student-led group has undertaken a number of services to the community and the school. They help with a number of school events such as the successful blood donations, and undertake collections on behalf of a diverse range of community groups, including Child Cancer Foundation, Life Flight Trust, Samaritans, Mary Potter Hospice, the RSA Poppy Day and Wellington Children’s Hospital.

Kaimahi (Cooking) Club

The Kaimahi (Cooking) Club is a recent addition to Rongotai College’s co-curricular activities. There’s a chance for the boys to learn about Kai and cooking, produce meals for themselves, and their whanau, train to compete in culinary competitions and take part in fundraisers for Rongotai College under the tutelage of Chef Gabe. The club meets regularly on Wednesday afternoons in the Cooking Room, to learn new dishes and organize food fundraising activities. (insert photo – Cooking club)

Poly Club

Poly Club is an opportunity for students to come together and learn more about Polynesian Cultures. The group works over the first half of the year to learn a selection of songs and dances from different Pacific Islands. While they perform several times throughout the year at different occasions, the main performance is at the TuTagata festival in July where our group performs alongside other schools from across Wellington – the performance of the RC Boys is always a highlight!

Poly Club has student leaders and works with the guidance of Mrs Fiu and community tutors. All students are welcome to join and enhance our school brotherhood.