Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care and Support Network at Rongotai College is based on the following:

Form Teachers
Each student is placed in a form class at the beginning of each year. The role of the form teacher is to:

  • Be the first point of contact for parents or the student regarding school matters
  • Monitor student attendance and organisation with regards to homework completion and assignments.
  • Make referrals to Deans if there are academic or discipline concerns.

A Dean at Rongotai College provides the necessary support for all students in their year level. Their role is fundamental to student achievement. Communication with students, staff, including the senior management and parents is the key task. Deans have a genuine working relationship with students in their year level. This is especially important as the dean moves through the school with their year group.

Key pastoral care and discipline responsibilities of the dean are:

  • To counsel students who have concerns about school life.
  • To promote excellence and appropriate awards for students.
  • To evaluate student referrals from classroom teachers and take remedial or
  • disciplinary action as required.
  • To monitor attendance.

Guidance Counselling
The school Guidance Counsellor, Mr Cutler, provides assistance and support for issues either at school or at home. Any student can access the guidance counsellor by leaving a note in the container outside his office door or directly making an appointment with him. Any conversation which takes place with the counsellor is confidential, unless all parties have agreed that it may be discussed. Exceptions to this are cases where confidentiality may allow a harmful situation to either arise or continue.

The Careers Advisor is available for a range of services including subject and career planning, as well as information on tertiary courses and scholarships. A number of programmes and initiatives to support student achievement arise from the Careers Office over the course of the year. Field trips and school-based presentations also feature in this area.

The Careers Advisor is Ms Wilson.