The Rongotai College Board is entrusted to work on behalf of all stakeholders and is accountable for the school’s performance. It emphasises strategic leadership, sets the vision for the school and ensures that it complies with legal and policy requirements. Enhancing student achievement is its focus.

The Board has a range of Governance Policies that outline clear delegations to the Principal, who reports to the Board as a whole.

Board meetings are held in public and open to any interested party to attend. The provisions of Part 7 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 apply. Members of the public are entitled to receive copies of the meeting agenda and relevant papers, attend the meeting to watch and listen, and take notes. However they are not entitled to take part in the meeting by word or action (unless the Board resolves to grant them speaking rights), or communicate with trustees during the meeting (unless the trustee leaves the meeting), or remain in the meeting room when the Board meeting goes ‘in committee’. The Board chair presides at the meeting and his/her decision on procedural matters is final.

Meetings 2024

Board Meetings are generally held on the last Thursday of Each month, except if interrupted by school holidays.

  • Monday 26 February
  • Thursday 21 March
  • Thursday 30 May
  • Thursday 27 June
  • Thursday 8 August
  • Thursday 26 September
  • Thursday 31 October
  • Thursday 28 November

Parents are welcome to attend at 6pm.

If you wish to contact the Board of Trustees please email [email protected]

Postal address:
Board Secretary
Rongotai College Board o
P O Box 14-063
Wellington 6241
Email: [email protected]

Board Members
Louise Carter – Presiding Member

Tēnā koutou e te whānau o Rongotai Nō Ngāti Raukawa ahau Kei Te Whanganui-a-Tara ahau e noho ana Ko Jesse rātou, ko Mahe, ko Niko āku tama Ko Hiwa-i-te-rangi tāku mokopuna Ko Louise Carter tōku ingoa Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

Louise is a secondary school teacher who has been a member of the Board of Rongotai College Board since 2015 and Presiding Member (Chairperson) since 2019. She has had 2 sons who have attended the school, and her youngest is currently in Year 11. She has been in awe of the education her sons have received as Men of Rongotai College, and believes that boys’ schools provide an invaluable educational experience. She strongly advocates for Rongotai College as a premier provider of boys’ education in Wellington. Louise believes the culture of the “Rongotai Way” is a powerful and influential factor in raising our sons into men and she says “every time I walk through the gates of Rongotai or watch a sporting or cultural event, the choice of sending my sons here is reaffirmed. I love this place and the wonderful village that raises our sons into men.” She a member of the whānau rōpū and a proud “RC Mama” – now, and for years to come.

Louise Carter

Presiding Member

Guido Ballara – Deputy Presiding Member

Guido joined the Board at the start of 2022, and has one son currently attending Rongotai College and two sons who have completed their schooling at Rongotai. He has been thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the board across what have been challenging times for everyone. In his professional life, Guido is an employment lawyer representing employers, unions and individuals, including working with the education sector, and therefore offers the board a useful skillset. He believes the college is in great heart and has offered his sons an excellent education and school life. 

Guido Ballara

Deputy Presiding Member

Justine has two sons who currently attend Rongotai College – one in Year 12 and one in Year 10. She enjoys contributing and serving our school community and has had governance experience from Boards at Rongotai College (from 2022), Seatoun School (6 years), Gisborne Central School (3 years) and Worser Bay Surf Lifesaving Club.  She has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Secondary Teaching and has previously been a teacher. She has worked for a number of ICT companies in training specialist, training management and project management roles and in community development. She currently works for Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

Justine Crawford

Sylvia was born in Samoa but raised in Wellington since the age of 7. She is the proud mother of three boys who are either currently or have previously attended Rongotai College. She currently resides in Porirua, but works in Wellington City as a Librarian. She believes the need for her boys to be part of the “Brotherhood “ s important for their growth as young men, like their uncles before them. She is passionate about ensuring the education and other opportunities that the school can offer are always available to them and all the boys. She believes that it is important that our pacific communities are heard, and have a voice.  

Silvia Soma

John is an Old Boy of Rongotai College (1981-1985), who currently has a son in Year 11. He was elected to the Board in 2022. He has lived in the Eastern Suburbs most of his life and has a great affection for the school. In addition to being on the Board, John is currently on the Rongotai College Football committee, with football being one of his great loves! As an old boy, he has always felt a very strong connection with the school. He wants Rongotai to cultivate a culture that continues to provide a great learning environment, strong brotherhood, good values and deliver an amazing education experience for both students and staff. He currently holds the position of Deputy Chief Executive/CFO with the Tertiary Education Commission and has been there for the past seven years. John is able use his 30+ years of business and commercial finance experience to advise and support the school in making decisions to enable it to be financially sustainable and operationally sound.

John Soulis 

Kevin Carter (Principal)

Dinesh Bhindi (Staff Representative)

Jack Leong (Student Representative)

Debra Honeyman (Board Secretary)

Governance Policies

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Strategic Plan and Charter

The Rongotai College Strategic Plan is designed to guide the development of our school through to 2025.  It has been developed by members of the Board of Trustees in collaboration with the school community – students, senior leaders, staff, parents and whānau.

The Strategic Plan is built upon the achievements and distinguishing qualities of the past, setting a course to best meet the challenges of the future.  The plan focuses on continual improvement in achievement, innovation in teaching and learning, student and staff well-being.

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