A Dean is appointed for each school year level.  They are responsible for student welfare, pastoral care and academic progress of students at each year level.  If parents have queries or concerns they should contact the Dean in the first instance.   The year level Dean regularly holds an  assembly.  This is a time to recognise achievements and successes as well as an information sharing time. 

2024 Deans

Year 9      Mr Sean O'Connor ([email protected])

Year 10    Mr Whetu Henry ([email protected])

Year 11    Ms Michaela Smith ([email protected]z)

Year 12   Mr Pemerika Leiataua ([email protected])

Year 13   Ms Anne Brailsford ([email protected])


When Do You Need To See The Dean?
  • If you are going overseas, write to or email the Principal for permission.  Once given, the Dean will coordinate what needs to be done during your son’s absence.
  • If your son is sick for an extended period of time and needs to have work sent home.
  • If you or your son needs help with any aspect of school life.
  • If you or your son is worried about something and need help to resolve the situation.
  • If your son is struggling with school work.
  • If your son has been sick and needs an extension on an NCEA assignment.