Rongotai College, like all schools in New Zealand, charge a range of fees and contributions to supplement the money supplied by the Ministry of Education.

Compulsory fees are legally recoverable and must be paid. Compulsory fees are charged only to students taking part in various classes or activities which include:

  • Subject fees which cover the extra cost of specialist materials used in some courses.
  • Sports fees help to cover the cost of team registrations and competition entries, uniform and equipment and facilities hire. Failure to pay Sports fees may result in a student not being included in a school team in their chosen sport.
  • Extra-curricular fees cover activities such as the Year 10 camp.

Parent voluntary contributions and donations make a huge difference in helping us provide the education that our students deserve and our caregivers expect.  The voluntary contributions we ask for are:

  • School donation of $300 (or $200 for siblings at the school). This fee is tax-deductible and is used to provide classroom resources and equipment (e.g. computers) not covered by Ministry of Education grants.
  • Parents’ Association donation ($15) is a contribution towards the activities of the Parents Association, and is also tax deductible. The Association raises money for extra items or activities that assist or improve the education or environment provided at Rongotai College.
  • Rongotai College school magazine “Te Rama” ($25). Purchase of the magazine is optional. The magazine is produced at the end of the year, and provides your son with a valuable memento of his time at Rongotai College.
  • Paper fee ($25) which contributes toward the cost of classroom handouts.
  • ICT Contribution ($50)towards the funding of the information technology infrastructure and services (i.e. computing devices in classrooms, computer labs and pods, wired and wireless infrastructure, serve and storage infrastructure and hosting.
  • Copyright fee ($10) is a contribution towards the copyright license fee charged to the college each year for the use and distribution of copyrighted materials used in class and sometimes included in classroom handouts.
  • Textbook Deposit ($25) is charged to all students in their first year at the school.


Parents with an automatic payment will notice these charges appearing on their fee statements. These purchases are processed through the college fees system which provides an accurate record of amounts paid or outstanding.  These can be accessed through the Parent Portal.