There is a clear link between attendance and achievement so for your son to gain the greatest benefit from education offered at Rongotai College,  he must be at school.

The Education Act says that parents (caregivers) are responsible for ensuring their children receive a suitable education.  The act requires that parents enrol their children and ensure they attend.

This includes parents making sure their children attend school on time, suitably dressed and in a fit state to learn.

The law enables schools to authorise absence for the following:

  • acceptable medical reasons or an unavoidable cause
  • bereavement
  • exceptional or family circumstances at the school’s discretion.

Any requests for leave should be made in advance of the proposed absence.  Permission may be given by the Principal but consideration will be given to the effect such absence might have on your son’s education, taking into account the boy’s attendance record to date.

What should you do if your son is absent?
As a minimum requirement you should:

  • inform the school via the school’s email ([email protected]) or the 24 hour attendance line (phone 939 3050 then press 1), on the first morning of absence and if possible give the expected day of return
  • keep the school informed, especially if the return date alters
  • seek an appointment with your son’s dean to arrange for work to be sent home, if it is known in advance that your son will be away for some time.

What if your son arrives late?
Generally, lateness is not acceptable.

Therefore, a boy arriving late, after the roll is completed, should bring a note explaining the reason, or have the lateness explained by email ([email protected]) or on the 24 hour attendance line (939 3050 then press 1).  Arriving late will cause disruption to learning.

What about medical appointments?
Requests for your son to be allowed out of school should be sent prior to the date.  He will be released from school in sufficient time to attend the appointment and should return to school if time allows.

Every attempt should be made to arrange such appointments outside school hours.

What about other reasons for absence?
These situations will be dealt with individually by the school on their merits.

It is generally not acceptable for your son to be absent for reasons such as:
minding the house
looking after younger children
going shopping during school hours
celebrating his birthday
adverse weather

Who monitors attendance?
The school is responsible for authorising absence and will therefore check attendance regularly.

Unjustified absence for which the school does not give approval will be followed up by the school and may be referred to Truancy Services.  Frequent authorised absences may also be referred.