Prefects for 2019 Announced

16 Prefects have been announced to join Head Prefect, Lufi Lene Isara, for 2019.  Prefects for 2019  are:
Head Prefect                                       Lufi Lene Isara
Deputy Head Prefect                          Bede Brown
Arts Captain                                        Thomas J Moore            
Academic Leader                               
Dean Banks
Cultural Captain                                  Christianlee Tutaki
Sports Captain
                                   Sean Lane-Turnbull
Ben Beardsworth
                                                             Matthew Carter
                                                             Devin Cho
                                                             Satish Cussins
                                                             Leo Griffiths
                                                             Stefan Jenkins
                                                             Sam Marsters
                                                             Regan Sommerville
                                                             Robbie Spooner
                                                            Jaylin To’o
                                                            Cameron Young