Performing Arts & Cultural Assembly

We celebrated the success of students in a range of activities at our annual Performing Arts and Cultural Assembly on Friday 19 October.

The following students were presented Honours awards at the assembly:
Dominic Coffin                         Music
Tyrone Daniel                           Music
Hamish Goodhue                     Music
Ethan Makisi                             Music
Thomas J Moore                      Music
Lufi Lene-Isara         Polynesian Club
Luke Purves             Polynesian Club
Hyrum Siau Letoa    Polynesian Club
Tayla Tamaiva          Polynesian Club
Christianlee Tutaki  Polynesian Club
Steven Va’a              Polynesian Club

We also gave awards for Community Service to the following students:
Ethan Makisi                   Gold Award
Georgio Toulis                Gold Award