Why Rongotai College?

We believe Rongotai College provides a unique, supportive and stimulating educational environment for your son. Important in this environment are:

Academic Success
An emphasis on excellence and high academic standards leads to high rates of academic achievement. Our students are well prepared for life after school and gain entry to prestigious universities around the world.

A Small, Caring School
Rongotai is a supportive and caring school of 700 students, meaning every boy feels included and welcome. A limited number of international placements leads to our international students integrating quickly.

A Wide Curriculum
We offer university preparation courses in all academic subjects and immersion English Second Language classes and Outdoor Education courses are available if required.

A Wide Range of Sports And Cultural Activities
Over 30 sports and a wide range of cultural activities such as music, drama, public speaking, leadership and community service are offered.

Outstanding Facilities
Our expansive 9.7ha campus has outstanding facilities, including new sports hall, campus-wide WiFi, swimming pool and modern, well-equipped classrooms.

Homestay Accommodation
Friendly, caring and supportive host families who live close to the school welcome and take good care of our international students.

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