Home-stay Accommodation

Rongotai College offers homestays to all International Students. The college selects suitable families for the students to live with. We try to find homestays close to the college. Some students will need to catch a bus. There will always be a student who lives close by to help you with the bus. Students are not permitted to leave their homestay without the consent of the school Principal and reasonable notice is required.

Students can expect the school to:

  • Provide regular contact through the Dean
  • Provide support and quick action if any problems arise
  • Provide support for the college’s rules.

The school can expect the students to:

Follow the rules set out in the enrolment pack, this means:

  • No driving cars unless you have a licence and parental and school consent
  • No drinking alcohol under the age of 18
  • No drugs
  • Attend school every day, all day.

The best way to get on with your homestay family is to communicate. These things will also help:

  • Phone your family if you will be home late, tell them where you are going when you go out and try not to go out during the week – remember you are here to study!
  • Pay for all your international and cell phone calls as well as Internet use
  • Try not to lend or borrow money. If you have a real problem see someone you feel comfortable talking to at the college
  • Talk to them about your culture, maybe cook a meal every now and again
  • Help a bit around the house, maybe do the dishes or help to prepare dinner.

For your health and safety:

  • The sun here is very fierce. Make sure, if you go outside during the summer, you put on lots of sunscreen lotion and take a hat
  • Do not share drinks and drink bottles, there are lots of serious illnesses that get spread this way
  • Never accept a drink, tablet or cigarette from another person
  • If you are worried about your own health see one of our support people and we will help you to find a good doctor.

Your homestay family will:

  • Provide you with three meals a day
  • Care for you as if you were their own child
  • Set reasonable rules
  • Discuss their rules with you
  • Contact the college immediately if any serious breaches of the college’s rules occur
  • Provide a comfortable room with study facilities.