COVID-19 Update 24 March

Rongotai College is now physically closed to students, although a skeleton staff will be present to supervise sons of those people who work in essential services on Wednesday 25 March, if they choose to send them to school.

Monday night, the Ministry of Education ordered that school holidays will be brought forward, and will now begin from Monday 30 March to Tuesday 14 April inclusive. While we foresaw school closure, this decision to start the holidays earlier than anticipated has caught us by surprise; we were intending to operate our Learning@Home on-line programme until the scheduled end of term.

For the remainder of this week, your son will be able to access our Learning@Home on-line programme (I have re-attached the information that I sent out yesterday regarding this). After 14 April, Rongotai College will resume Learning@Home but will not physically be open until further notice.

To support your son’s learning, you can access his timetable on the parent portal ( . If you do not have a login or have forgotten your login, please email by 1.30pm Wednesday 25 March.

Work for students with appropriate resources and links will be posted on-line or sent via email by each of your son’s teachers. The most common platforms will be either Google Drive or GOOGLE Classroom, while some teachers will also organise ZOOM meetings. Some background information on GOOGLE Classroom can be found at

Whilst we are unsure at this stage how long this situation will continue, our teachers are committed to providing learning opportunities for your son until things are resolved.

All updates will be posted on the Rongotai website and on our Facebook page, and communicated directly to caregivers and students via email