COVID-19 – Update 23 August

Rongotai College is now physically closed to students as we are in Level 4 of Covid-19 lockdown.  We will not physically be open until further notice.

We are now operating our Learning@Home on-line programme until further notice.

Students will be able to access our Learning@Home on-line programme. To support your son’s learning, you can access his timetable on the parent portal (

Work for students with appropriate resources and links will be posted on-line or sent via email by each of your son’s teachers. The most common platforms will be either Google Drive or GOOGLE Classroom, while some teachers will also organise ZOOM meetings. Some background information on GOOGLE Classroom can be found at

Teachers will be communicating with students using email (your son has a email address), and interacting through zoom and/or GOOGLE Meet. Teachers will be setting routines for teaching and learning in their digital classrooms.  Our team of teachers did some great work last lockdown in this new on-line school environment, and it showed that systems worked well; feedback from staff indicated most boys engaged with the learning provided by staff.

Whilst we are unsure at this stage how long this situation will continue, our teachers are committed to providing learning opportunities for your son until things are resolved.

All updates will be posted on the Rongotai website and on our Facebook page, and communicated directly to caregivers and students via email

Rest assured, we remain focused on the learning and well-being of our students, and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.