The aim of this Academic Guide is to give parents and students a clear outline of the academic programmes offered at Rongotai College. It contains details of the College’s academic programmes, the structure of courses, and the range of subject options.

The academic philosophy of the College is that boys have the best opportunities to learn when they are extended and our expectation is that they will push themselves to achieve to their potential.

The school offers courses at all levels of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).We believe that gaining a high quality New Zealand education by following a New Zealand-based curriculum is crucial. NCEA works for our students.

At Rongotai College, we believe it is important to keep parents regularly informed of their sons’ progress. Reports are sent to parents four times during each school year, and there are several opportunities for parents to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress. The partnership between parent and teacher in the success of boys cannot be underrated, and is crucial to the success of our students.