Academic Excellence

At a full school assembly held on Friday 1 February, we celebrated the NCEA performance of our students in 2018. Our students continue to do themselves and the school proud in NCEA. 

Academic Honours for gaining NCEA with Excellence were awarded to Angad Chauhan and Andrew Eng  (Year 13 2018 – Level 3), while the following 2018 Year 12 students were also awarded Academic Honours – Dean Banks, Devin Cho, Keelan Johnson-Tahu, Sean Lane-Turnbul, Lufi Lene Isara, Ruhaan Saiyad, Regan Sommerville, Charlie Symon and Cameron Young

Year 11 students from 2018 who were awarded Academic Honours were Eli Ballara, Charlie Beck, Darcy Boardman, Fares Fawzi, Jamal Fiso, Nicholas Gibbs, Luke Gordon, Kit Jones, Rakshit Kumar, Harvey Linton, Jonathan London, Jonathan Reddell, Oliver Samuel, Evyatar Tabor and Georgio Toulis.