Academic Awards Assembly – 2 February

At the first Friday assembly for 2018, Academic Awards were presented to those students who gained NCEA Excellence endorsements. Excellence endorsement students were presented with an a Merit endorsement students were presented with a certificate.

Those students who received Excellence endorsements were:
Level 3 – Daniel Gibbs, Tom Hughes, Rian Lee and Sathvik Panda.
Level 2 – Jake Brownlie, Angad Chauhan, Andrew Eng, Ollie Galvin, Henry Hollis, Eric London, Ethan Mills, Sampson Mollan, Taine Murphy, Luke Purves and Adam Rybinski.
Level 1 – Dean Banks, Bede Brown, Jacob Chadwick, Devin Cho, Stefan Jenkins, Sean Lane-Turnbull, Lufi Lene Isara, Robbie Spooner, Thomas J Moore, Ruhan Saiyad, Charlie Symon and Cameron Young

Congratulations was also extended to the large group of boys who gained endorsements. Well done, boys!