2019 Dux

Congratulations to Dean Banks who was named the 2019 Dux. Dean is an outstanding all-round academic, who was first in Classical Studies, Chemistry and Physics, and first equal in Calculus. Congratulations to Dean and all students who gained received at the ceremony.

Other Academic prize winners for the evening were:

Seatoun Arts & Crafts Prize – Level 2 Art                                                  Ben Dellabarca

Robert Fraser Art Scholarship – Recognising Talent and Creative Ability     Sandeep Rana

Bruce and Jack Morison Memorial Prize – Fine Arts                                Gus Mulipola

Bridget Robinson Prize for Senior Commerce                                          Cameron Young

Outstanding Junior Student in Te Reo Maori                                            Liam McCorry

Zander Morgan-Wood Memorial Prize – Outstanding Student in Senior Maori   Sonny Johnson

Excellence in Senior Samoan                                                                  Fagalele Leota

Excellence in Senior Spanish                                                                  Harrison Bland

Excellence in Hospitality                                                                         Jacob Victa

Paul Pfeffer Cup – Gateway                                                                   Joyner Gaualofa

Excellence in Outdoor Education                                                           Albert Stanley

Excellence in Level 1 Physical Education                                              Hamish Lindsay

Excellence in Level 2 Physical Education                                             Georgio Toulis

The Physical Education Cup                                                                 Sean Lane-Turnbull

J.N. Clark Memorial Prize – Level 1 Materials Technology                   David Graham

Paul Hogan Memorial Prize – Level 1 Design & Visual Communication     Dev Patel

Ken Simpson Memorial Prize – Materials Technology                          Jackson Callander

Excellence in Level 3 Digital Technologies                                           Edward Prestwood-Smith

Dave Fraser Music Scholarship – Recognising Talent and Creative Ability     Leo Greer

The Music Cup                                                                                    Thomas J. Moore

Excellence in Level 2 Classical Studies                                              Jacob Victa

Excellence in Level 3 Geography                                                       Sean Lane-Turnbull

Excellence in Level 3 History                                                             Sean Lane-Turnbull

Apollo Club Trophy – Excellence in Level 3 Classical Studies           Dean Banks

Elliott Christie Memorial Prize – Level 3 Chemistry                            Dean Banks

William T. Bacon Memorial Prize – Level 3 Physics                           Dean Banks

Outstanding Achievement in Level 3 Calculus                                   Dean Banks & Devin Cho

Alistair Chapman Memorial Prize – Level 3 Biology                           Devin Cho

Outstanding Achievement in Level 1 Mathematics                            James Sutton

Outstanding Achievement in Level 2 Mathematics                            Jonathan London

Outstanding Achievement in Level 3 Statistics                                  Oliver Hermens & Lufilifi Lene Isara

ESOL Cup – Outstanding Improvement and Commitment                 Mohamad Ghanam

Ralph Edwards Memorial Prize – Level 1 Literature                          Hugo Lawrence

Outstanding Achievement in Level 2 English                                    Eli Ballara  

Outstanding Achievement in Level 3 English                                    Bede Brown

Jamie Selkirk Award – Senior Media Studies                                   Liam Iggo & Jackson Lewis


Evan Fraser Memorial Trophy – Year 9 Student who has Shown Commitment in all Aspects of School Life                                                                                                    Flynn Gowans

Holm Scholarship for Determination to Succeed Academically & Contribution to the School in Year 12
                                                                                                         Jamal Fiso

Parents’ Association Award – Excellence in Arts and Humanities Subjects in Year 12
                                                                                                        Darcy Boardman

Alistair Chapman Memorial Scholarship – Excellence in Science Subjects in Year 12
                                                                                                       Jonathan London

Anna Renner Scholarship – All Round Excellence in Year 12        Jonathan London

Prime Minister’s Vocational Award                                                 Joyner Gaualofa

Robert Bostock Scholarship                                                           Cameron Young

Harris Cup – Excellence in Arts and Humanities Subjects in Year 13     Sean Lane-Turnbull

Hyslop Memorial Prize – Excellence in Sciences in Year 13          Dean Banks

Graeme Jarratt Cup – All-Round Excellence in Level 3                 Lufilufi Lene Isara

The Ballinger Scholarship                                                             Oliver Hermens

Proxime Accessit                                                                           Devin Cho

The Arthur Jamieson Prize – DUX of the School                          Dean Banks